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This post is the official statement of my transfer to a new blog :

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My new url,, is effective starting from Friday, April 18th 2008. From day on, there will be no more updates at

Thank you.


Penanam Sayur.



I’m Sorry.

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i just being diognised for Bloggers block.

I’m sorry.
I am considering to transfer My_Belly_butTon_Blues to new domain = Blogger. What say you?

Only help upon Sufiah?

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When I posted on Sufiah story, I didn’t expect that it would bring more visitors here. It was just a plain opinion I have here in a plain cubicle-at a far end-dark corner of my office. It surprised me when for the first time ever my hits gone over Thousand and I have more that five comments at a single post. Thank you.

Comments I received was quite challenging, and I love to interact with people who left any comments here. Most of them had pitty to Sufiah and I believe, we do care of her, it not just she a muslim, a malay or her mother is a Malaysian that we feel that she is a Malaysian but we care of her as a human, as a human who have the pottential to be a genius.

I think lots of prostitute here at Malaysia (Yes, we do have them, openly at Brickfield, behind the Sentral Monorail Station) would be jealous, why would we only want to help Sufiah, why we didnt help them, which is far more easier to locate (I gave you the location right? Yes, Brickfield.). Didnt they also NEED to be help?

On my post on Sufiah, this comment had gained my attention ; 

Durrah Says:
April 3, 2008 at 10:34 pm e

My father brought me up in a strict Islamic upbringing..he controlled me and physically abused me if I don’t obey. My life was a living hell…failure after failure, I struggled with low self esteem and depression just like Sufiah…I am free now..I choose what I want to be. Stop the nonsense on Islamic teaching. You guys quoting and preaching nonsense..

So? Anybody have anything to say to Durrah?

Should we do something? In name of Malaysia and Islam.

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Shock or terrified? I dont know which is my impression when i passed a book store today.

Harian Metro, front page ”Tersungkur di lembah hina “

LONDON: Dia dikenali sebagai kanak-kanak genius matematik dan mendapat tempat di Universiti Oxford ketika usianya baru 13 tahun. …

Yes, she once a malaysian sweetheart, eventhough there are voices questioning was her? Her now-in-jail father is a Pakistan. The man who responsible to create her and her mathematical genius (i would say ability).

What actually happens to her? Most important, who discover her? And was she related to us? Related to Malaysia?

Googling her wasnt a difficult task, not many site have her story so for me the analysist would be simple and much easier to get to the prime source. Till the time I am writing, only a bunch of people had commented on her and mine would be another next.

According to them, sufiah story had been published by UK Newspaper, News of The World and The Telegraph, the article was written by the same author, Megan Levy. But both sources didn’t actually tell her real story I think. And I doubt if she knows that she’s being interview. This surfaced another doubt, was she is the real Sufiah Yusuf? The article started on how their spy had met Sufiah and how she stripped her clothes to her skin and dance on the bed. Then, on how sufiah have admitted to Oxford, thanks to her father’s famous Accelerated Learning Technique. The papers also described sufiah’s father as “her domineering dad Farooq” and  unfortunately he was jailed for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls as he home-tutored them in maths.

I read the article at news of the world more than 5 times (and please, not because of the pictures), and still i cant help questioning was she Sufiah Yusuf? Maybe, only her mother who could verify the picture.
But I am glad, she was never ever be described as a Malaysian or a Melayu in both of the prime sources.

Well, for any further reading, you could go here

News Of The World
The Telegraph

Update 02 April 2008 : The Ministers had open their mouths. Dato Zahid Hamidi,Minister at Prime Minister Department says, Malaysian Goverment are finding ways to help Sufiah since it was such a waste if we let her be. And they believe, the life she ran is not the one she want. Read more.
Update 03 April 2008 : Googling “sufiah yusuf” or “shilpa lee” would only returned lame news. Malaysian newspaper also repeating the same point of her story. Today they said sufiah had stop her study since 2000, which already being reported in News of The World. I’m thinking that malaysia’s reporter had nothing else to write but thier editor still firing the reporter’s ass for more story. And the editors are happy still eventhough thier stuff just copy, translate and paste.
I’m quite seeing from far where Sufiah’s Story would end. When next week come, people would forget about her as what happen tu Sharlinie, Atlantuya, Norita (all were female?) etc.  Pitty to Asmawi @ Awie, the boy who missing at MidValley, lack media coverage been given to him, I wonder if people knew that Awie had dissappear as they know Sharlinie?

Again, I Want To See What Is Happening Tomorrow

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My final week at CMRS Sdn Bhd. Masih belum ada hints atau petunjuk untuk mengambarkan letak duduk aku for next week. Will I stay or will they kick me out gracefully?


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Colbie showcase for you

Fans of Colbie Caillat, listen up. Universal Music will be giving out 20 pairs of tickets to readers of The Star who want to catch her live showcase on March 14 at The Curve. 

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Nobita’s Drawer

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I have no appetite for news paper or tv bulletin since last week. Watching tv is not fun anymore. For the first time of my life I really care about current politics, read: general election. May be because my name had been listed in , SPR database, I was soo excited when I register as a voter 4 years ago, on 02 September 2004. But now, being a voter really disrupting me. As a voter at “negeri panas” known as Kelantan, it takes quite a burden to me.

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