Sorry for The Death of Adsense Part 2

I still working on THE DEATH OF ADSENSE. Well I’m sorry since i cant fullfill my promise to give reviews on it. But to tell you a few main things that i understand about THE DEATH OF ADSENSE, this report actually more to a view of an ADSENSE fat check achiever named Scott Boulch. scott monthly receive quite fat Adsense checks and suddenly his fat checks shrinks to thin after googles made few new rules to adsense. In this report he also stated a few facts why we should move from adsense to another program.

Scott also accidentally listed a few same-as-adsense programme that he claims gives him better “fat-checks” compare to adsense.

Unfortunately,Scott’s reports didn’t end in THE DEATH OF ADSENSE, he’s planning to launch another report which is the compliment of THE DEATH OF ADSENSE entittled Life After Death Of Adsense, which he going to launch on this 22nd. But if i not mistaken, Life After Death of Adsense could only be download freely if you have download THE DEATH OF ADSENSE from scott’s site,

hmmm what a fishy guy,first he had us to be his affiliate via THE DEATH OF ADSENSE and now put a regulation for free download of his next report.


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