counting the seconds till the last…

it’s quite a while i made myself silent from this blog,no updates,even i didnt give a glace at it..poor my blog..hehehe

this is my senior semester here..being too busy(did i?)with my schedule and being a can-i-have-more-than-24hrs-a-day guy..i made my blog little quite…hahaha..what am i blubbing?

ok,its my last semester,being burried with books and my final year project made me verry busy and very tired. but today..everything had come to the end. hostel had turn to silent,more to a ghost house rather than a concert hall before. tis evening,4 of my friend hd depart home,it was a nearly-tears-moment for me,since we been through lots together,heh,sentimental.

so what next? no more “student” (my fav word when asking for discounts at the mall), actually i still a student for next 4 month except that i dont have to attend classes or lab sessions anymore,no more lecturers,no more did-u-finish-ur assignment? anymore because i still have to do my industrial attachment session.

will i miss this place?

i dont know but for sure i’ll miss all my friends…friends forever guys(and gurls..hehehe),all our ups and down will be with me all my life….

huh,i have lots to say just now,but now my fingers are dumb to hit the keyboard right now….maybe,i started missing this place…


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