I havent update for about a week. Technical error plus i’m quite lost these few days.

The technical error was,the laptop I usually used was borrowed by load reading team,thiers hd blown during the sitework. So i hd to use office computer and it locate in the middle of the office and the screen are widely open to the public. So any personal actions will be easily broadcast all over the office,heh.

lost-actually the right word is busy. My lecturer will come here this monday,yess 19th,and there few presentations and reports i need to prepare and fortunately, i havent do any of it till now. A presentation and a one and half month report. Nothing to be worried about,i’ll make it tonight for sure,have been drafting all these days.

hit by meteorwell,there’s nothing more to write,i got hit by a meteor very early in the morning today,and i’m totally not in mood,heh,and i’m making a toye face right now and none of my office-mates dare to greet me today,hehehe,its fun to see them having a i’m-in-terror-face when i look at them.


One Response to “ermm…*sigh*”

  1. poor ur officemate, poor u too.. damn meteor!

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