Joyce M Hawkins


I wrote my reviews for Transformers (yes the movie, I wrote since I think I’m one of those who the firstS watched it,i watched at 21:10 on the first day) few days ago,just few minutes before my regular dotA session and since I haven’t finish it so I saved it into draft, but somehow today,which mean this morning, I cant find the POST!!!! So i’m sorry, I don’t think I will write it again since the heart-pounding already decreased and yup, I got hell-a works to do.

Last weekend was hillarious.

  1. Got 6 hrs x 3 days, dotA match, was about 9 games, our team win 3 of it but the best thing is, all the match we won was the last match of the day,so its was like, doesnt matter if you lost early but win at the end-sort of hero cerita tamil
  2. Got a new handphone,not the latest model la but an ugrade to the one i used
  3. My first hair-salon visit. HEH, I know it sound jakun, but I’m giving a try what. Thanks to all Malay who dont open hair-cut shop at visible area. I didnt say that Malays can’t do hair-cutting-services but they usually hide in far-far away land. Well, thanks to the nice lady at USJ for her good job,eventhough I’m not happy with the fee but i’m trying swallow that “its the standard price” – i’m kampung-boy what, my barber at home only cost me RM4 je.
  4. Feisal had determine to quit his job here. Sedey jugak la, he open the chance for me to get in here not he’s now getting himself out. Well, I also saw that 1 year he served here didn’t promise him any future,not even a single blink of light. Well, like an old chinese saying, ” Jika Se-ekor Ikan Itu Ingin Membesar, Ia Mestilah Berani Melompat Ke Kolam Yang Lebih Besar” , I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for 1 year, 2 month had already a pain!!!

Well, those a for today post. Thank You!


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