Famil Sulaiman

It would make us feel soo good when there somebody or anybody listen to you. Esp a stranger (sorry ;P)

It happen to me and deeply it touched me. Somebody listen to me eventhough he barely know me that would make us stranger. Thanks en Famil!

 Actually I’m his fan, I regularly visit his blog, www.familsulaiman.blogspot.com, and I found out his view is quite interesting except those evil-devil-angelics thought to poison his nieces mind,heh, but he got a view.

Then few months back,Utusan Malaysia published a letter from a reader condemning Malaysian’s Men. I asked en Famil for his view and wish he would wrote sumting about it,and he promised he would.

I wait…

wait again…

and wait for some more

but he didnt write any!!! Till the phase where I almost forgot about my request and walla…

Lelaki Melayu bermasalah?

And I thank you soo much en Famil, Thank You thank you Thank You, I didnt burden you aight? hehehe….

Long Live En Famil!!!


3 Responses to “Famil Sulaiman”

  1. muahahah,

    buat awal2 tak kick..

  2. eyuhh… u made special entry for me… and now special entry for famil too… that make me and him ‘sepangkat’ je.. ekekekeke

  3. Eh..bukan ke i’m a fan of you both ke? hehehehe

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