Its is ZONE sir, not O-ZONE!!!

Am I living in comfort zone? Hell I say no. Right now, i’m in between in making a not-so-big decision but i think it is big.

I’m kind of people who love to think on consequences of every decision i made, most of the time i’ll consider to the third level of consequence. And i’m thinking on it now.

Maybe I should explain what is level of consequences. On my dictionary, level of consequences is things MIGHT happen depends on a deed you did. its like,

Y = X+Z and Q+2 = Y*delta(T) … sort of,Y will effect how Q+2 turns out but the main character is X and Z, sort of…

Let say, if I decide to skip office today,what will happen? this is first level of consequences

second level of consequences is, will my action of skipping office today would cause the supervisor to propose a “salary cut” on my paycheck?

While third level of consequences would sound like,”If I being resigned, I’ll run back to kampung and plant chilli for life.Recent chilli rate is RM 5 per kilo and every week a field would produce about 50 kg.Which would give me rm 250 per week, quite as much as i gain today.Considering Gomen trend,pertanian adalah perniagaan, i’ll get media exposure on how a university graduate leave professional career to gain wealth from soils. But what if I failed?”

Well, thats me,before and today and hopefully tomorrow.

But theres some thing changing these days… my courage in taking chances is fading…

People said that is the effect of you getting older, you start to think of bekalan masa depan, the zone you living now already comforting you, hell no my zone didn’t!

Now I realize, how easy mind can be manipulated, the ingredients is a little comfort and an amount of fear, you’ll manipulate thing called MIND. Take me as an example, I’m not living in comfort zone but I do can live in this zone,and today I have an opportunity to bring my ass out of this uncomforted zone, but it just an opportunity, not yet a real tanah untuk berpijak. And do I have courage to move my ass? I’m locating it now…

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