The longgest i had…

I was planning to update on my trips to Kuantan last weekend. But I dont have any mood on it so…below are words i typed before my mood swings..heh 

“Last weekend was the longest I had, running back and forth KL-Kuantan-KL, with full schedule and using all ammo I ever had. I should make a “thank you kenduri ” to all who had involved, Op, Alan, Chemed, Sirni, not to forget Mr Ridzuadi (UMP), Miji (Setapak)-thanks for the couch man,really appreciate it, Feisal-sorry Bro, didnt realize Proton didnt ask for dip holders,.

My weekend start from Wednesday, when I departed from Subang Jaya at 1730 towards Terminal Putra, heading for Kuantan. I have to attend an interview with Kuantan Port Consortium on the next day, Thursday at 0900. Arrived at UMP at 0400, fortunately, with a little soft skills (sad face and sweet tongue), I managed to get in without to register on the book or paying any penalty,heh,you rawks Pak Gad!

The interview went well, what i love most is the contestants (macam kuiz plak) was below expectations, there should be 20 ppl but only 9 arrived,heh,luck luck! The interview was good,great actually, have to test the IQ, which my only aim when filling it was to fill it as fast as i can and ran to cafetaria for real breakfast. Then was QnA session, I was usually prepared for this session but things happened the other way.

Esp for the Q: Tell us about yourself.

I damn prepare for this question you know, I wrote and recite more that 200 words to match this question but all I remember on that interview session was less that 10 lines from what I prepared.”

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