Hop Hop Huargh!!!

        Office was damn boring this week. Plus with Istimewa plays tourism in Sydney (she just text me : sydney opera house,hyde park n david jones n myer shopping complex: n I dang Im jelessss), I’m lost. Last option to kill the time (can kill eh?), i do blog-hopping. I hop here, I hop there and dang! I accross someting…

heh, no comment and I dont want to, ‘coz the colours/color thing did hit me… headshoot… 

 Anyway, this lovely young girl name Sabrina (http://sweetylemon.blogdrive.com/)

Women Are Smarter Than Men… OBVIOUSLY!

Syu (yes that bitch! www.syuadnan.blogspot.com)… she got a very interesting interview where she needs to write an essay entitled “Women Are Smarter Than Men.” First of all… isn’t it so OBVIOUS? This issue is not supposed to be questioned anymore right? I don’t even need to start listing down statistic on how many women are there in boarding schools or high education institutions compared to men. Lucky bastards they are… most of the time, men populations are more than women in high institutions are because of such thing that we called “quota”. Haah laaa kan… kalau takde quota nih, I believe we already kicked all men from high education institutions back to where they are, merempit on dingy road! >>> Waahhhh vicious sekali statement nih!

Let’s start with the simplest kindergarten stuffs, knowing colors… I believe men only know 5 colors: red, yellow, white, blue and green (Heck! Sometimes they even confuse blue and green and think of them as the same color altogether!). We women… we know at least 5 shades of green; olive, jade, apple, chartreuse (aka bright green) and emerald… and dear Lord please don’t let us start naming other colors coz we might confuse men even more! I guess now I know why me and Syah wore different shade of green on our engagement day (he was wearing melon green while I was wearing apple green) eventhough I’ve been telling him so sooo many times that our color is apple green *hmmmph*… say no more!

That’s just colors.. What about other stuffs such as shoes? brand names? types of fabrics? different kind of bags? and many more? I don’t think men know the difference between high heels and stilettos?  That Padini and Seeds are under the same roof… that vinyl and satin are two different fabrics,,, that tote and saddal are types of bags and have nothing to do with kids or horses… Honestly, unless they are classified under “the Brokeback Mountain dudes”, men knows NOTHING about fashion! The only thing that close to fashion to them is Victoria’s Secret’s secret (in which pretty much make them more or less more a PERVERT!) Come to think of it, I don’t think men even know what they eat most of the time (like duh?).  Most men describe types of Nyonya kuih with something along the line “alaaa kuih bawah dia pulut ke hapa ntah and atas dia ada tepung kaler hijau” >>> I felt like slapping them left and right and tell them,  “It’s called Seri Muka la bangang!” (Hmmm…. that’s kinda dramatic!)

When a man claimed that he is well educated… uh huh NEVER TRUST THEM! That’s TOTALLY A BIG FREAKING LIE! Men will never be well educated… like seriously EVER! Period. In our discussion, we also figured out that the bigger bag a woman has, the smarter they are! So, me and Syu did some bag searching yesterday and I would like to announce that I am waayyyyy smarter that Syu coz apparently I have a friggin’ gigantic bag compared to hers. (mannn I guess I’ll be dead once I reached home today!)


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