Nobita’s Drawer

I have no appetite for news paper or tv bulletin since last week. Watching tv is not fun anymore. For the first time of my life I really care about current politics, read: general election. May be because my name had been listed in , SPR database, I was soo excited when I register as a voter 4 years ago, on 02 September 2004. But now, being a voter really disrupting me. As a voter at “negeri panas” known as Kelantan, it takes quite a burden to me.

I feel like I need to take it very serious, should I vote for old gov or for the new one?Making decisions require us to expect the consequences of the path we going to take and we’ll be the best decision maker if we can see the future. Well, yesterday I suddenly felt I had understand why Robert Zameric and Speven Speilberg create Back To The Future. It not just a hunger to remedy the past you made or to buy an Almanac so you could win the lotteries or race bets but it was to get a foresight of what is happening in the future.I hope on my way back home this evening, Prof. Brown will pop out in front of me with the new De Lorean (which could fly since SS15 evening traffic wont permit speed to exceed 80 mph). I’ll ask him to bring me to year 2009 or 2010, before that we’ll stop at 7E for a can of Carlsberg to refuel De Lorean. What will happen to Kelantan if the new gov sit the state? Will there any new mosque? Will there be new shop lots not own by PR relatives? Will there new asphalts or promised highway? Will there Sport Toto and Magnum shops? Will the scenery paint a small difference or a total difference?<a

Campaign van (in 1985): Re-elect mayor Goldie Wilson! Progress is his middle name. Mayor Wilson’s progress platform means more jobs, better education, bigger civic improvements and lower taxes! On election day, cast your vote for a proven leader… -taken from Back To The Future :1985

All I can say, Kelantan-ians want to see the progress as they promised. Just want to see, not hunger as they pictured in the tele. Each time I watch them picturing Kelantan as a state of poverty, we lived like those in year 1980’s, I feel aches in my heart, we at kelantan didn’t live in such a picture. We run our life happily, the food here are half of the price in KL. We also effected when they raised the petrol price, still we are breathing, the graph didn’t show any increase of death because we can’t afford to pay for the food.

Hehe, I sounded rebel. Nope, just a thought, the campaign strategy wasn’t very educated, even though it produced by an educated party.

Right now, I’m just hoping that I’ll make a correct decision starting from how I am going to go back to kg this 8 of March 2008.


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