Again, I Want To See What Is Happening Tomorrow

My final week at CMRS Sdn Bhd. Masih belum ada hints atau petunjuk untuk mengambarkan letak duduk aku for next week. Will I stay or will they kick me out gracefully?


If I stay, I minght still sit in this cubicle, at this far end of the office but of course I’ll certainly get rid those stacks of files and paper which now resting peacefully behind me.

Then I’ll get myself a coffee mug! Yes, a coffee mug but I’ll use it to bancuh Milo, the only beverage provide at this floor.

I’ll empty those cans of biscuits which all these months seems waving at me and cried, “take me, bite me, eat me!” but I hold myself, for the sake of my politeness (read:malu malu kucing).

Later on,  I’ll ask them to replace my PC with something mobile so I could do some of the work at home, mcm bagus, karang buat main game kat umah, so I would profit the company more.

What else? what I’m going to do if they offer me to join this company? Erm, aaaaaa, hmm.

What if they didnt offer me? Or they just decline my request to join them?

Hopefully they wont ask me to pay back the safety shoe …


2 Responses to “Again, I Want To See What Is Happening Tomorrow”

  1. so dapat keje ke x bro?ada gaji sekeping dua tu belanja aa aku nanti

  2. penanam sayur Says:

    hehehe, aku ibarat bergatung pada sehelai rambut je skrang, bln lima karang br tau jawapan dia..sementara itu..tunggguuuuuu!

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