Should we do something? In name of Malaysia and Islam.

Shock or terrified? I dont know which is my impression when i passed a book store today.

Harian Metro, front page ”Tersungkur di lembah hina “

LONDON: Dia dikenali sebagai kanak-kanak genius matematik dan mendapat tempat di Universiti Oxford ketika usianya baru 13 tahun. …

Yes, she once a malaysian sweetheart, eventhough there are voices questioning was her? Her now-in-jail father is a Pakistan. The man who responsible to create her and her mathematical genius (i would say ability).

What actually happens to her? Most important, who discover her? And was she related to us? Related to Malaysia?

Googling her wasnt a difficult task, not many site have her story so for me the analysist would be simple and much easier to get to the prime source. Till the time I am writing, only a bunch of people had commented on her and mine would be another next.

According to them, sufiah story had been published by UK Newspaper, News of The World and The Telegraph, the article was written by the same author, Megan Levy. But both sources didn’t actually tell her real story I think. And I doubt if she knows that she’s being interview. This surfaced another doubt, was she is the real Sufiah Yusuf? The article started on how their spy had met Sufiah and how she stripped her clothes to her skin and dance on the bed. Then, on how sufiah have admitted to Oxford, thanks to her father’s famous Accelerated Learning Technique. The papers also described sufiah’s father as “her domineering dad Farooq” and  unfortunately he was jailed for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls as he home-tutored them in maths.

I read the article at news of the world more than 5 times (and please, not because of the pictures), and still i cant help questioning was she Sufiah Yusuf? Maybe, only her mother who could verify the picture.
But I am glad, she was never ever be described as a Malaysian or a Melayu in both of the prime sources.

Well, for any further reading, you could go here

News Of The World
The Telegraph

Update 02 April 2008 : The Ministers had open their mouths. Dato Zahid Hamidi,Minister at Prime Minister Department says, Malaysian Goverment are finding ways to help Sufiah since it was such a waste if we let her be. And they believe, the life she ran is not the one she want. Read more.
Update 03 April 2008 : Googling “sufiah yusuf” or “shilpa lee” would only returned lame news. Malaysian newspaper also repeating the same point of her story. Today they said sufiah had stop her study since 2000, which already being reported in News of The World. I’m thinking that malaysia’s reporter had nothing else to write but thier editor still firing the reporter’s ass for more story. And the editors are happy still eventhough thier stuff just copy, translate and paste.
I’m quite seeing from far where Sufiah’s Story would end. When next week come, people would forget about her as what happen tu Sharlinie, Atlantuya, Norita (all were female?) etc.  Pitty to Asmawi @ Awie, the boy who missing at MidValley, lack media coverage been given to him, I wonder if people knew that Awie had dissappear as they know Sharlinie?

23 Responses to “Should we do something? In name of Malaysia and Islam.”

  1. Emi Fujita Says:

    Malay or not isn’t what occupy my mind… How on earth this could happened? Though I admit sex is like drugs, once you pop, you can’t stop.

    May Allah guides her. Lesson’s learned.

    Perhaps we should take this into account in defining Intelligence.

  2. I am hoping and praying that the news about Sufiah Yusof are all lies,and if it’s true,where the hell is her mother or family.If only Sufiah Yusof can read this message please don’t destroy yourself just because when you are young you had a very bad experience living with your father,but God gave you brains please use it in a good ways. You are gifted and you should not waste it. Come back to Malaysia,I can assure you you won’t regret it.I am not bsaying this because I am malaysian,no I am not.I can tell you this malaysian are good people.

  3. penanam sayur Says:

    Emi Fujita: Nice point Emi. Yes, intelligence located in your brain but we always miss a fact that it not just brain that walk you through life, there is another things named heart and soul.

    Nadia: Coming back in Malaysia is a good idea. But, since everybody knew what she did yesterday, will returning home is a good idea?

  4. my heart ache, so as other malaysian, so as other melayu and so as other muslims. it was so shocked to read on what happen to her, especially when i read about her in kak teh’s blog last year, they have iftar and performed maghrib prayer together. i’m not going to judge her act, and hope others will not to. whatever happens is between her and God. i do pray for her well being, hopefully she will find happiness at the end, in a righteous way. i’m feeling sellfish when i think of this, but i certainly sure based on my experience, the name s.y will be another point for the anti-isl@m people, that our religion had failed to shape her, as how our religion had failed to shape her father.

    yes indeed penanam sayur, they dont mention the word melayu or malaysia, because they have bigger point to pin point at, muslim.

  5. penanam sayur Says:

    kyora : Muslim world itself in chaos, OIC left just a name. We, muslim almost forget, that we have another ammo, doa@prayer. I read postings on Sufiah, mostly they pray for her, but did they really?Or it just a sweet write? If all muslim around the world ,1.61 billion ppl ( pray for pallestin and sufiah, i can guarantee all the chaos is a history.

  6. nazratul Says:

    kyora, is it rue that your kak teh n sufiah perfomed maghrib together last year? that makes me wonder, if the article about the prostitute is really her or not.

  7. Kalau betul dia pun, apa salahnya, biar la dia ‘walk through the valley’ and experience life. Apa hak kita nak masuk campur, nak advise dia, nak jaga tepi kain dia, ni proses dia belajar, ‘hidup’. Bila dah nyesal, taubat la dia. Who are we to judge this people as if we are better than them? Duduk diam2, doa sendiri. Kalau ditakdirkan baik, baik la dia. Ini la masalah Malaysia dan Melayu, banyak sangat ‘hollier than thou’. Semua ingat we are better than that and this. Semua orang ingat that person should be like that or like this, which make me feel sad to see. You guys are talking about her, worrying too much about her, but her being a prostitute is better than all of you guys whinning about it.

  8. nazratul Says:

    cips.., you’re talking nonsense. was it right to see a father rape his own daughter and we dont do anything about it? was it right to see a teenager ‘meragut’ womens handbags on the street without confronting them? this case is a massive thing right now because she is different, she’s an intelligent mathematician plus a muslim. dont you remember what islam teaches us, what did the prophet Muhammad said in his hadiths? if we see wrong, we should point out that it’s wrong. true, it;s in God’s hand wether she’ll go back to the right lane, but we should do an effort. if no one does, everyone should be blamed as much as she her because we didnt do anything while all the while we know she’s stranded at a wrong path of life. pikir2 balik cips, bukan soal ‘hollier than thou’, u tak faham nabi kate tengok nasihat jgn tgk orang.

  9. yea cips..i agree wif with nazratul.. we are muslims n our prophet said dlm hadis about mencegah kemungkaran. there are 3 ways right? menggunakan tangan , lidah n membenci di dlm hati.ingat senang2 je ke nak bertaubat?kite bkan jage tepi kain dye tp kite concern sbgai umat saudare islam.. kalau kite biaq depa hanyut..samelah mcm kite biaq saudare kite jatuh ke lembah hina..dont be too selfish cips..u said duduk diam2,doa sndri..ape ni? dlm doa yg kite bce pun ade doa untuk semua umat islam kan? sbb tu la kite kne tau maksud doa yg kite bce tu..jgn tau doa je tp x tau mksud..rugi..

  10. Adam Fitrah Says:

    Assalamualaikum.. Semua.
    Tepat benar apa yg di kemukakan.
    Saya yg hina ini ada satu cadangan di mana kita kajikan apa yang telah berlaku dari sujut yang lain !

    Apa kemungkinan nya keluarga Yusof telah menjadi sasaran satu Zionist Plot untok meruntuhkan keupayaaan keluarga Islam melalui anak perempuan nya Sufiah.. Kalau betul, ini bukan kali pertama mereka melakukan nya dan akan berjaya kalau kita tidak peka dan sebarkan kemungkinan hakikat ini.

    Bayangkan apa akan terjadi kalau Sufiah, Ibu dan adik beradik nya berjaya menangkis hasutatan dan helah, propaganda akhbar, TV dan kuncu2 Zionist. Mereka akan terus taat kapada bapa nya Yusuf dan menafaat dari Minda nya jelas sangat tinggi.

    Keluarga mereka akan berjaya menembusi Sarang Zionist di Oxford and Cambridge. Mereka pasti berkemampuan otak untok menjadi pensarah2 di university2 itu. Kalau ini berlaku, terdedah lah segala topeng2 Zionist yang menguasai SEMUA pusat mengajian tinggi di Eurapah dan America.

    Ini satu ancaman yang tidak boleh di benarkan berjaya.. Jadi apa akan mereka laku kan ???? … Dengan menggunakan kata2 manis, cara2 munafik, mereka akan sadikit demi sadikit sediakan perangkap2 untok keruntuhan keluarga Yusof.

    Dakwaan terhadap Yusof, bapa Sufiah , berlaku salah terhadap 2 orang gadis kecil , penuntut tuisen nya, berbau cara satu fitnah untok memburuk2 kan nama baik nya… Impossible bagi Yusof mendapat pengadilan bila di kelilingi oleh Media Masa anti Islam, Pro Zionist . Termasok juga pejabat2 kehakiman yang yang juga Anti Islam, Pro Zionists.

    Keluarga nya dimana Minda mereka telah di racuni Media Zionist pasti akan terpedaya..

    Pertimbangkan lah .. Apa pendapat anda ?

    Sebarkan pendapat saya kapada rakan2 yang lain.

    Abdullah : Singapura ( Takut beri nama sabenar)
    (Bapa kapada 2 anak perempuan 24 yrs, 19 yrs yang sedang belayar Medicine di Sydney, 3 anak Lelaki. 1 22 yrs , scholar of Reserve Bank Of Australia, 1 21 yrs, Reserve Bank of Australia Cadet: sedang buat Honours degree (Scholar). 1 17yrs, Dia dapat index 99.95 out of 100 University Admission satelah tamat peperiksaan HSC di Sydney. (STPM). Last anak perempuan 13 Top student di Malik Fahd Islamic School, Sydney. .. Saya peka akan apa yang saya cadangkan.

    Pertimbangkan lah … terlalu banyak kali ia telah berlaku.

  11. wow, psayur, u hit a big one this time.

    nazratul, i read the blog last year, i dont know when it happened. sorry for the misunderstanding. i agree with chips, we are in no postion to judge others, but we do need to be concern. adam fitrah, that is a strong accusation there. i agree things like this do happen, but dont get too carried away with it. muslims are human n human do make mistake. we’ll be a laughing stock if we keep potrayed ourself as a victims.

  12. nazratul Says:

    agree with kyora

  13. penanam sayur Says:

    Thanks to all comments, I welcome more to pour in.

    Cips: looks like ppl aren’t agree with you, but i feel you. The are too many ways to taste this world but sometime we dont have to physically touch it because there are certain things, are lanes of no turning back. Maybe you are few who survived the paths?

    Nazratul & Ceca : No word other than yess to compliment yours.

    Adam Fitrah : There are logics in your facts sir. I believe being a Singapore Resident did open you eyes a lot compare to us at MainLand (remind me of Malay Dilemma by Tun M). But things on zionis and bla bla is like those pawang and dukun in Malay world. You know they exist but you have nothing to verify thier existance. Thats why, helping Sufiah (if we could) is not just defending a Malaysian or Anak Melayu, maybe it is a jihad. Maybe she’s an ammo that allah send us but we failed to guard it.

    Kyora : I hope ppl wont mistake me as menangguk di air keruh!!!

  14. Salam to all, thanks for the feedback. I understand, how emotional you people can get about this. All I wanted to say is, just pray good for all, but don’t waste time whinning about it. There’s a story, where a prostitute was brought to heaven when she died, just because her one deed, and an Imam went straight to Hell because of his riak. I think, we should worry about ourselves first, then our family and the rest of the world will come later.

  15. My father brought me up in a strict Islamic upbringing..he controlled me and physically abused me if I don’t obey. My life was a living hell…failure after failure, I struggled with low self esteem and depression just like Sufiah…I am free now..I choose what I want to be. Stop the nonsense on Islamic teaching. You guys quoting and preaching nonsense..

  16. penanam sayur Says:

    CIPS : Hi there cips, congrates for not being emational when ppl put critics on your opinion, that a pro man.

    I’m not trying to be an ustaz here but the story of the prostitute and imam was to display in what ever you do, niat@purpose is the first thing to be count BUT it didn’t mean that niat@purpose will approve@halal the methods. As in the prostitute story, she was sent to heaven as her sincerity to help the dog. That is an extra ordinary love Allah had shown us since in Islam, protitute is forbidden while dog categorized as “najis” (ritually unclean).

  17. nazratul Says:

    ah the other sound of culture[pretends to be religion] victim. i cant blame a person on hating the religion because she had experienced bad things but then when we should think back that we do have problems between seperating culture an islam. when it comes to islam, we should only see what is through the quran and through the prophet. islam is not portrayed by humans alone. we have a stroger guidance, the quran. if we read, and we think about the messages, we will see what is true and what is not. the problem with our community nowadays is that, we listen to the ustaz like a zombie but we didnt learn from the quran. when we recall history, even the prophet learned from the holy verses of the quran and then he conveyed the messages to other people. and when we didnt read the quran untill finish or we didnt read the whole verse of the surrah, we will tend to think mistakes like islam is harsh religion. what i want to say is…, what our fathers did, does not wholely portray islam and what our brothers and sisters did, does not portray islam. that is why we always come back to the solution that the quran is our guidance and then comes the hadiths. even the hadiths that we listen, we have to be really careful. because there are hadiths which are not confirmed and there are hadiths which is confirmed that it comes from the prophet himself.

  18. Adam Fitrah Says:

    Assalamualaikum All.

    Alhamdulillah, It’s interesting reading thru all the contributions including those that results from my posting. It is fairly obvious to me that by and large this blog is participated by individuals about the age of 30 -35 or may be even lesser. The level of innocence and perhaps some anger and conceit is evident. It is worse among those that virtually WORSHIP western secular values even though they will not admit it, even to themselves. I do not at the least claim to be very well versed in World politics, But for those who are not familiar with Zionist power, influence, control and ambitions, please let me recommend everyone to download this Torrent that I have recently uploaded to ” The PirateBay site ” It took me 7 days to prepare. It is a 700Mbyte (1CD) upload consisting of 2 Very good videos (AVI). titled ” The Money Masters” and ” Painful Deceptions” plus some useful Internet addresses. It also has 9 subfolders of Radio Interviews with Christian, Muslim and Aetists historians and scholars. Use uTorrent, BitTorrent or other client s/ware to download the torrent. I am currently seeding it. It may take up to 1 day to download the whole disk. For those who are patient and take the trouble to download it; you will acquire the learning that will easily take you 10 -15 years to find out. The torrent is labelled:

    ” MoneyMasters_PainfulDeception_Wake up !.torrent ”

    At the very least I hope young bloggers will spare themselves the folly of REINVENTING THE WHEEL. After learning the hard way, I often remind myself and my children ” Don’t QUESTION Islam BUT by all means, as much as you can, INQUIRE so that you may discover this Precious Jewel that Allah SW in HIS mercy has provided us. Do not allow cultural practices to contaminate Islam.

    Adam Fitrah : 53 years old

  19. nazratul Says:

    …mmm, than i’m far below… am 18..

  20. marilah sama-sama sebuk pasal orang lain….sebab kalau orang lain masuk NERAKA dia akan tarik kita sama… dan kalau kita nak masuk SYURGA pulak bukanyer dpt nak masuk sorang sorang….

  21. my life in school was suffering me.. i am from poor family,so unfavourable and no friend in school.. i had always been abuseed physically and mentally.. then after school, i started working in factory.. no one see me as an important person but luckily i never give up hopes even from schooling.. when the hope is not there for me, i keep strengthen myself to build the hope even there is only in my heart…
    my parents do not have to teach Islam so much for me… i dont know why… but i could say that Allah really2 want me to be an obedient person… i keep my kehormatan, maruah,solat, aurat so strictly even when i was akil baligh time… that’s why in factory no boy interested on me… i could juz be patient….luckily i married my hubby who is so pious but very understanding… he always motivates me
    surprisingly i’m now going to finish my first degree and pursuing master level…i never think that i could further my studies when i was a minah kilang….that’s why i juz feel so sympathy to sufiah.. i’m hopeless and useless but i’m creating myself for the sake of Allah ..not juz meeting my lust.. every single day in my life, i always spare for the good things so that i could produce a better generation…
    but i never look down on sufiah… for me she has a great time right now but she stilll can look back & repairing her life… because i know the door of taubah is always there to be knocked up… don’t be like me but try to be a muslimah…what comes around goes around…what u give, u will get back

  22. nazratul Says:

    alhamdulillah. good for u qamarina. what a spirit!

  23. penanam sayur Says:

    After 3 times replaying sufiah vids at news of the world, I think I have nothing to say. Maybe yes, she choose her own way but deeply, I felt ashamed.

    Qamarina: You are an example for sure. Isn’t it always like that? Good things always come last?

    Nazratul : Do you blog ?

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