Only help upon Sufiah?

When I posted on Sufiah story, I didn’t expect that it would bring more visitors here. It was just a plain opinion I have here in a plain cubicle-at a far end-dark corner of my office. It surprised me when for the first time ever my hits gone over Thousand and I have more that five comments at a single post. Thank you.

Comments I received was quite challenging, and I love to interact with people who left any comments here. Most of them had pitty to Sufiah and I believe, we do care of her, it not just she a muslim, a malay or her mother is a Malaysian that we feel that she is a Malaysian but we care of her as a human, as a human who have the pottential to be a genius.

I think lots of prostitute here at Malaysia (Yes, we do have them, openly at Brickfield, behind the Sentral Monorail Station) would be jealous, why would we only want to help Sufiah, why we didnt help them, which is far more easier to locate (I gave you the location right? Yes, Brickfield.). Didnt they also NEED to be help?

On my post on Sufiah, this comment had gained my attention ; 

Durrah Says:
April 3, 2008 at 10:34 pm e

My father brought me up in a strict Islamic upbringing..he controlled me and physically abused me if I don’t obey. My life was a living hell…failure after failure, I struggled with low self esteem and depression just like Sufiah…I am free now..I choose what I want to be. Stop the nonsense on Islamic teaching. You guys quoting and preaching nonsense..

So? Anybody have anything to say to Durrah?


6 Responses to “Only help upon Sufiah?”

  1. Well, I had to say, I had nearly similar experience, but, my parent still insane. It’s not the religion to blame, it the way of parenting. Now, when I had my own children, I know how it feels. But, because of experience I had, I do be very careful in my way of parenting.

    Religion is the only way for us to avoid such a bad thing. But, most of us especially muslim parent never realise the way of parenting which is very important. Other wise people will ended up hated the religion it self and blame the way of islamic upbringing.

    I had to say, I didn’t actually see or encounter of islamic way of parenting from sufiah family. I used to lived in the same town with them.

    And I had to say, muslim community here ( not malaysian), had the strong relationship and strong and firm in islamic environment. Better than what we got in our country. So, for malaysian to come here to help, sorry to say..they only want to enjoy themselves. It’s too many need help in malaysia…

  2. nazratul Says:

    ah the other sound of culture[pretends to be religion] victim. i cant blame a person on hating the religion because she had experienced bad things but then when we should think back that we do have problems between seperating culture an islam. when it comes to islam, we should only see what is through the quran and through the prophet. islam is not portrayed by humans alone. we have a stroger guidance, the quran. if we read, and we think about the messages, we will see what is true and what is not. the problem with our community nowadays is that, we listen to the ustaz like a zombie but we didnt learn from the quran. when we recall history, even the prophet learned from the holy verses of the quran and then he conveyed the messages to other people. and when we didnt read the quran untill finish or we didnt read the whole verse of the surrah, we will tend to think mistakes like islam is harsh religion. what i want to say is…, what our fathers did, does not wholely portray islam and what our brothers and sisters did, does not portray islam. that is why we always come back to the solution that the quran is our guidance and then comes the hadiths. even the hadiths that we listen, we have to be really careful. because there are hadiths which are not confirmed and there are hadiths which is confirmed that it comes from the prophet himself.

  3. nazratul Says:

    i must say that i do agree with ummu seif. i agree to the fact that what the malaysian government is going to do about the sufiah case is going to be a waste of money.

    dont get me wrong. i do agree that they are trying to find the whereabouts of sufiah in uk by using malay organizations over there. but when it comes to the fact that the government is willing to use the people’s money to send a minister or someone is not acceptable.

    p.sayur is right. we should help those in malaysia first. there are many out there who did the same thing that sufiah did for the same reason. [it could be to continue living or to support their studies] is it right that we are breaking our necks just to help sufiah just because she’s a genius in maths and let the others in malaysia just to be what they already are.

    yes, we can try to help by locating sufiah, but there are preachers there who can help her get back to the right path too. when we look outside, we just forget that there are thousands inside who needs the same kind of deed too.

  4. I agree with Nazratul. Why the bias treatment for Sufiah who is not even a Malaysian whilst there are other malaysian women who suffer in silence because there is no help. Also Sufiah care about u lot, she does what she wants to do. If you see her video, she looks very in control of herself and enjoying what she does. So stop pitying her and pity those right under your nose. Also any of you guys or your male relatives prepared to have her as your wife if she was brought to the right path? Also any female prepared to have her as your in-law? I doubt it very much. She knows she is better off in England. Probably tell busy bodies to mind their own business if approached.

  5. nazratul Says:

    mmm. what maya says might be true. but…, i didnt know there was a video of her..

  6. white rose Says:

    This Sufiah hooker is NOT a Malaysian!!! She is a Brit. Although the Malays want to claim her as Malay, I bet she doesn’t even consider herself Malay.

    Did you watch the video interview of her on news of the world? She clearly knows what she is doing. According to her, it’s a respectable profession and she says she’s had “the best sex” of her life since she became a hooker. Sounds like she’s just sex hungry.

    A prostitute is a prostitute no matter what she charges. There is no such thing as a “high class” prostitute.

    Stupid woman!! By the time she’s 35, she’ll be well-worn and “loose”. If she does not get aids or std first.Would anyone want to marry her? Yucks! When I think of how many men have used her, Yucks, yucks!!!

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